Digesting The Swill

 Well, are you done vomiting yet? 

This has been a very hard pill to swallow. About the only good news is the idiots are fumbling so badly out of the gate that it's hard to believe that not even the supporters of these assclowns aren't noticing.

But then again, I wouldn't count on it. We have some seriously brain damaged people in this country. 

As most of you know I'm not a sit in a studio spewing my opinion kind of guy. My forte is working the streets trying to reach people that wouldn't ordinarily be exposed to the truth. And needless to say this method of trying to wake-up the sheeple has always had its dangers, and with the REAL fascists now in full control, promising to crack-down on us "domestic terrorists," we can only imagine things will be even worse. But I will not let this deter me! 

Currently I'm working on new artwork that will reflect our current situation, that will hopefully get people thinking, and I'm sure trigger the morons. This has been keeping off the street as I work on these new artworks and obviously curtailing any income I might receive from being on the streets, so I'm appalling to you to make-up the slack. If you can donate anything it would help. the new bumper-stickers and artwork will cost me, and any help you can give is greatly appreciated. 

In the mean time I encourage you to help spread the message. If you want any of my designs email me at BadAssUncleSam@protonmail.com and I will send you for free (a donation is always appreciated, or a least a prayer) what you request. the Mask Information Cards are a good way to spread the word and help with peaceful civil disobedience. the Mask Exemption Cards work about 99% of the time, if you want to keep from wearing the stupid masks. 

Keep fighting the good fight and thanks again for all your support. I love all of you.

Hope to see you on the streets soon! 

God's blessings,


"Things happen gradually than all at once. We're at the all at once stage"