Alice In Wonderland Meets 1984

I was hoping to be out on the streets today. It would have been the first time in over a month. But the weather again isn't cooperating. 

It's a shame. Now more than ever I feel I need to be out there. I'm not very good at anything else. Or maybe I am but just haven't tried anything else. 


It's such a critical time. But what time hasn't been? We can go back to November 22, 1963. Most of you probably weren't even born yet, but I remember it well. It was the day Pres. Kennedy was assassinated.


A lot changed that day. Our innocence was shattered. But something more happened. Even pre-internet people almost immediately started questioning what happened the things didn't add up. Documentaries about the anomalies were shown in major movie theaters. (Imagine that.) 


But back then, even like today (more so today) those questions and concerns were buried and relegated to being "conspiracy theories." 


We can fast forward to September 11, 2001, and the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. And once again things didn't add up to what we were being told. And once again everything was put on the shelf, and anyone questioning those events were "conspiracy theorists." 


Of course there have been many other events that were life changing that were questioned and some even qualified as being outright lies. The Gulf of Tonkin comes to mind. But still there were no consequences. No one held accountable. Agencies weren't disbanded. We just keep going deeper and deeper into the rabbit-hole. 

Which brings us to now. 

We've witnessed the blatant stealing of an election. And now more than ever before the forces of censorship and repression are swiftly rolling over any dissent. And instead of a pushback more people are cowering to what's happening. 

Hence the desire to be out there screaming against the dying of the light. But I'm not out there. So today I'll search the pages on the internet for someone else to connect with. It's not the same. Because when I'm out on the street connecting with people there's a sort of comfort in the frustration we all feel and a seed of hope grows. You find you're not alone. And indeed you find that there are more of us than we know. And we take another step out of the rabbit-hole. It's the only place to find that feeling. Aside perhaps from a church. (One that doesn't require you wear a mask) 

We seem to be going backwards at warp-speed. Or perhaps forward on a  Hell-bound train. And now is not the time to sit silent. (never has been) Now more than ever we need to do whatever we can to stem the tide of tyranny. 

I pray for you all. I pray of this country. And I pray for good weather. I want to be out there. 

"Things happen gradually than all at once. We're at the all at once stage"