Best Tool For Survival
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To start I want to thank everyone for your prayers and support over the past couple of months. Sincerely doubt I could have made it without the love you've shown. Each day shows God's power of love is stronger than all the forces in the universe. 

That being said God has given us something that will change your life for the better. 

I'm going all-in with, and suggest you review what Jim Gale, the founder of Food Forest Abundance (FFA), is doing, and sign-up to the program. 

Why? Because without food, we can't fight. And FFA will supply us with the food we need to stay in the fight and give us the independence and freedom that has been taken from us.  

This next year is going to be a challenge. The globalists know that they have been found out and are going to do everything they can to regain the upper-hand. And stopping the food supply will be one weapon they will employ. Time is short. The sooner you can grow your own food the better! 

God gives us opportunities and it's our job to take advantage of them when offered.  Go to NOW and get started.