Knocked Back - Not Out

 A new fight is on. 

Those of you that have viewed my recent videos know that I've been asked to leave my current residence. This was totally unexpected and finding a new place for an old fart conservative in a liberal cesspool, in the middle of a pandemic (even if it is fake) has caused me a great deal of stress. 

So what to do? 

Fight back! Take the fight to them! 

But I can't do this alone. We need to up this game and take the fight to them. 

Here's the plan. Take the Badass Uncle Sam Show on the road. Purchase a RV or have one donated and go to the towns and cities of America and listen to what We the People have to say, and what you plan to do to GET OUR COUNTRY BACK! And I want you in the seat beside me. 

Shortly I plan on doing a livestream fundraiser. This is not going to be an inexpensive endeavor and I will need funding from many helping hands by spreading the word and joining the cause. You can help by starting the ball rolling by donating now at the Donate Button below, either a one time or recurring donation, or go to the Subscribe Star button above and pick a level. If you know of any RV's (cheap) or one that can be donated let me know! Of course the more donations the better the RV, so it all helps. 

I will also be looking to visit subscribers along the way to thank you personally and doing interviews. 

Now is the time for all good men (and woman) to come to the aid of their Country! Sitting on the sidelines is NOT an option! Join me in this fight! Ride with me! 

May God Bless You, this Country, and our President.

"Things happen gradually than all at once. We're at the all at once stage"