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New Year New World
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It's hard to even imagine what's going to unfold in the coming year. This much we can be sure of it's going to be unlike any before it. So much so that it's probably safe to say that the world as we have known it is going to change dramatically forever, either for the good or the bad. 


Not sure how many are ready for this change, or how many will make it through it, but we're all going to need God's help. 


When I ask those I know who have more knowledge and insight the one constant answer I get from them as to what or how we should prepare is "pray." 


So pray I will. I'll pray for you, myself, for the innocents, and I'll pray that by this time next year (if we're all here) that we're in a better place then we are now. That our uncertainty is replaced by a calm joyfulness, and that all we have been fighting for has born the fruit of peace. 

God bless you all.

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