If Not You? Who? If not Now? When?

 We can wait on politicians. Or the courts. Or the authorities. If we want to change things it starts and ends with WE THE PEOPLE. 

If you want to know what to do, ask what can you do? What are your abilities and talents? 

The problem with free-thinking independent  people is we often don't organize to get things done. Now if you don't like to be in organizations or groups, don't. Do something on your own. But do something. This isn't the time for sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to do something. I tend to fall into this category and you can see what I have done. 


Now it might be something as simple as printing out and passing out the cards I have attached below, or you could make it a production and do your own BAUS production in your own way. 


But getting together with like-minded people and doing some peaceful civil disobedience is very effective. It could be some as simple as 20 people going unmasked into a store and challenging their mask policy.  It could be supporting a business owner who defies the stupid lockdown policies. The point is DO SOMETHING! Because if we don't we're done.   


"Things happen gradually then all at once. We're at the all at once stage"