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Taking It To The Next Level
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Dear Patriots,


A new and most import phase has begun, and you have never been more important! We are now going on the offensive.


Attached are the documented crimes committed by the Biden administration, along with a letter you sign to send to your State or District Attorney, notarized and by registered mail. 

Once received they are obligated to acknowledge that crimes may have been committed and by law must impanel a Grand Jury. Failure for them to do so will implicate them under Title 18 USC 242, to be removed from office immediately and charged as a co-conspirator in said crimes. If or when the Grand Jury finds that crimes may have been committed, once again, the DA is obligated to issue warrants for the arrest of the perpetrators. 

In the attachments you will find all that you need to make this happen. We can, and will, be able to do this. It's a numbers game. There are hundreds of DA's listed, and all we need is one. And the more of us that participate the better the chances of this happening. 

We don't need to wait on anyone else to seek justice. It starts out We The People, and it will end We The People doing it! 

Once again, your are much needed. May God's will be done.

For previews and reviews of videos, updates on events and more, visit me LIVE on Patriots Soapbox, Tuesday & Wednesday from 8am to 10am CST & Thursdays, from 8am-to Noon.


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