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After the Red Pill

If you're here you're awake to what is going on. So I'm not going to fool you or play

games. People know what's going on but because they're trapped in the system often

feel powerless to do anything about it. I'm not as trapped as most. But I have reached

the limits of what I alone can do. So this appeal is to those that are looking for some-

thing that they can do to help in this fight for our liberty.

For course the easy thing is to donate, become a patron or purchase my products. But even more I'm looking for those with technical skills, video-editing and web-marketing. I have perhaps 100-hrs of video that need to be edited for posting. If you would like to try your hand at editing email me your level of expertise and I'll send you a video, or a set of videos to edit. Naturally you will get credit and other compensations such as I may be able to afford in the manner of 1st-edition signed prints, and such.

I am making this appeal because frankly this has to move forward or it's going to die just when it looks as though this dream might make it. There are many of you that  have expressed admiration for the work I am doing. This is a chance to add meaning to those words. 

There is a slim chance that we can get through what's coming with the least amount of damage. But there is no chance if we don't make an effort. If you can't give one way, give another, to not just me, but to any person or group that are doing the things that you can't do for one reason or another.

I'm trying to do something here that I don't believe anyone else is daring to do. Help me do it.

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